Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 Commandments: #6

Exodus 20:13
"You shall not murder.

This commandment goes beyond what most people take it to mean. It doesn't mean to simply not kill people. There is a requirement of protection. Psalms 82:3-4 tells us to protect the weak, needy, fatherless, and oppressed from the wicked. Proverbs 24:11-12 Tells us that in standing by and doing nothing to protect those that need protection, we are essentially helping their oppressors. So we are no better than the murderers themselves. But then of course there is the more obvious part of the commandment. The part about not killing. In order to understand this, we really need to understand why we are told not to kill. Genesis 9:6 reminds us that man is made by God, in God's image. That is the only reason we need for not killing. So when commanded to not murder, not only are we not to be murderers ourselves, but we are supposed to do our utmost to stand up against murderers. To protect those weaker than ourselves. Because they are beautiful creations of God, made in God's image.


  1. Very true Mel!! =)
    Good post, and wonderful thoughts. I had never really thought about some of that before. Very interesting.
    Thanks for posting! =)
    *hugs big (adopted) sis*
    I'll ttyl!
    ~Maddie =D

  2. On a completely unrelated note, would you happen to use Google Talk? If so, have you been having problems logging in?

  3. I do use Google Talk. And though I can log in, it constantly logs me off and says it can't connect to the server. But usually after a few minutes it lets me back on. Google seems to just be having issues recently. But I suppose since it's all free we can't complain. =P

  4. Good post! I've never thought about it that way before!


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