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"What kind of teenager are you?"
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas: Mary's Perspective (part 1)

I've been asked many times to write about the birth of my son. I've spent years treasuring all that took place and pondering it in my heart. And now, I am ready. This tale will leave many shaking their heads in disbelief. All that happened, all the pieces, not all of them are as important as all the others. Some details are far more significant than others. The most important parts can be found in the account by Matthew, the former tax collector, and that of Luke, the physician. Here, I will start before either of them did. For me, I feel the conversation started with a conversation with my sister...

"Joseph is looking at you!"
"Be quiet Rachel! It's not fair to tease me. Besides, some day you will understand and you won’t wish to be teased. And what if someone heard?"
"Someone? Who, Joseph or Mama? You've been in love with him for two years, it's about time mama knew."
"You wouldn't dare!"
"You should at least tell Elizabeth. Perhaps she'll have helpful advice."
"You're right, and I can open up to her much more easily than mama. Thanks Rachel!"
"What are little sisters for?"

As Rachel scampered away I found myself crying out to God. At this time in my life I was often confused and spent much of my time asking God questions. After all, if anyone is to know the answer, it's Him.

God, is she right? Should I tell mama? I feel it is unnecessary. Yes, I find Joseph very attractive. He seeks You with his all. He is an upright man and he's also industrious. He's nearly completed his apprenticeship and is an accomplished carpenter. But of course, you know this God. I know this is silly, but God, he makes me laugh. He's so funny, yet he knows how to be serious. I love when he laughs. His eyes light up and sparkle like the stars in the heavens. But God, when he looks directly at me, my heart melts in my chest. I become giddy and usually tongue tide. I find myself unable to do anything but smile and avert my eyes. Am I wicked to have such feelings? I long to know I do the same to him. But I feel that I am the only girl ever to have such horrid thoughts. I've asked you many times to take away these feelings if they are wrong. Yet they remain! I ask again God, purge me of wrong thinking. Direct my heart to the man you intend for me, but first direct it to yourself. I will do as Rachel suggested and write to my cousin Elizabeth. Please speak to me through her.

As I prayed, I walked home. I took out some parchment and composed a letter which I do not have, but it said something like this.

Cousin Elizabeth,

You once told me that if I ever needed help or advice, that I shouldn't hesitate to seek you out. You've told me that not having a daughter of your own, you cherish the moments when I bring life’s problems to you, asking for your help as an older, wiser woman.

Today I venture to seek your council. There is a young man who I find quite attractive. Perhaps you remember him? Joseph, son of Jacob, a descendant of King David, like myself. He is a good, Godly, hard working man who probably deserves much better a wife than me, but I can't help but hope that some day he'll notice me. I feel that thinking this way is wrong though. Please, would you tell me of when you and Zechariah were young? What was it like for you? Am I wrong to ask God to cause Joseph to notice me?

With love,
Your very confused cousin,


  1. Wow. This was like. Really good. I'm serious. I am really impressed. This is probably the best blog post I've read. Ever. Really. Its amazing. In fact, I can't even express how much I like it. Totally good! :)
    Wonderful job! I can't wait to read the rest that you have coming. :)


  2. Wow! I'm super impressed too! Can't wait for the rest! And um, you maybe should think about publishing it when you get it done. God has really given you a gift when it comes to writing. Love you!


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